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Professional wrestling companies just like other organizations in America, are a product of business minded people whose main aim is to rip huge profits from the wrestlers with the wrestlers having something to show out of it. However as man is to era many of these companies these days and the pro wrestlers themselves are not well managed making a lot of talent get wasted along the way. Mostly however the problem is with the wrestlers companies. It is a known fact that wrestlers do not have any organization which airs their grievances and so on. It has therefore been upon the bookers and the managers in these companies to choose some funny gimmicks for the wrestlers. It is a matter in the public domain as NAPW complaints that pro wrestling is fake and the question posed by many is whether the wrestlers are fake too. There have been many instances where celebrated and talented wrestlers have been told to pull some gimmicks which are not practical and which makes the wrestlers at the end of the day look like fools.

In some NAPW reviews I noticed that, this was one case of Dusty Rhodes whom as we know had helped bring a lot of changes in the pro wrestling industry. Dusty showed impeccable creativity in the ring and his matches were just exceptional and memorable. He was however facing to don a black and yellow polka dots kind of costume which was much of an insult to a wrestler of his caliber. In NAPW also there have been complaints in how female wrestlers are managed and marketed. In most cases the companies prefer marketing male pro wrestlers at the expense of their female wrestlers. This however is not limited to the female as the companies may market the male wrestlers selectively leaving out others.

The wrestlers themselves are not given any help in managing their funds and so on. All the companies are interested with is for them to perform irrespective of what’s going on in their normal lives.



They kick, punch, gouge, scream, and hit each other with chairs. No, it’s not your nieces and nephews who came over for the holidays, it’s the stars of the WWE!

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Nerd Alert: Wrestling Is Real

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Every game has its ups and down mostly what is talked about is the good side. Critics have pulled the socks in criticizing the way in which wrestlers handle themselves. The fact that NAPW is said to be a fake game is the source of controversy. Indeed there have been some NAPW complaints issues considering that NAPW is scripted and choreographed it is therefore not expected that wrestlers can pick up injuries. Contrary to this many wrestlers pick up life threatening injuries which may even end up their career.

NAPW Complaints about drug abuse on Pro Wrestling

All sports have rules. Not just internal but there are certain aspects that all sportsmen must meet. One of these rules is the doping test. In most sports it is so serious that if a sportsman fails to undergo this test he is banned to take part in the games. NAPW is known in its lacklustre in observing these rules. All said and done there have been some NAPW complaints in the number of wrestlers who are losing their lives at a very early age due to related drug problems. But why are they doing? Let’s have a glimpse of what could be the cause.

Most wrestlers wrestle for roughly 300 days per year. These are days of tight schedules which include travelling and so on.  Though pro wrestling is fake as it is staged that’s where its fakeness ends. The rest about the game is serious. In most professional wrestling companies, wrestlers wrestle for five days a week. May be its due to their large bodies that people think they are superhuman but this is an irony as they are human and they bleed.

Many professional wrestlers are on day in day out injuries and since they are not given time out the result to crude ways of treating their injuries and taking part in the fights. Most of them are known to use powerful painkillers which keep them to the ring since if out it means their wallets will suffer. Some of the wrestlers have admitted to using steroids at one time in their careers. These meds are known to pump the wrestler’s body to extraordinary forms but also posing serious problems in their later lives. These drugs are known to boost the wrestler’s physiques but can also be dangerous.


This can be evidenced by some NAPW reviews that the late pro wrestler Chris benoit did to his wife and their child and also ended up committing suicide himself. Many pro wrestling companies are known to put profits before their wrestlers and hence leaving out the wrestlers to try out all forms of drugs. The steroids case has been swept under the carpet as there are other troubling drugs that are being used by the wrestlers. Muscle relaxants, alcohol, human growth hormones, and the painkillers top the list. The fact that professional wrestling results are pre determined makes it not a sport to many critics. However, the injuries picked by the wrestlers can only be compared to those of other sportsmen. The drug problem in pro wrestling is a burning issue as stakeholders are looking into ways to change this.

Test Dies

NAPW Complaint: Interview With Derek St. Holmes, Esquire Before 12112 Whiting Event (por napw complaints)

Teenager as the name signifies id the age between 13 to 19 years old. Most famous and well known wrestlers mostly say in their NAPW reviews that teen ager or youngsters may not in the bracket that pro wrestle targets but they are the highest consumers of pro wrestling.  At this age the teenager finds themselves in the path of discovery. Discovering on what they want to do in the future,

Half a century before Occupy Wall Street, young protesters occupied Greenwich Village’s Washington Square Park. Like OWS, they ended up clashing with the police.

Can this happen also when WWE and NAPW rules are changed?

Why Europe Is, and Will Remain,Professional, Powerful, no complaints


Joseph Nye; EU Power

Predictions of European decline rely on an outmoded understanding of power. On all issues that require power with - rather than over - others, Europe has impressive capacity.

Regarding Pro Wrestling, North America will remain as a super power! No doubts about it