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SHAWN MICHAELS- wrestling professional like no others

To many Shawn Michaels is arguably one of the greatest pro wrestlers to have been born. He owned the stage and represented it until the last whistle went down. Born Michael Shawn hicken bottom, in July 22nd 1965 in Arizona. Michael hailed from a family of four children. Shawn father worked in the military and the family was on the move every now and then. At the age of twelve Shawn knew that he would become a professional wrestler which is a wild dream in many children of this age. He did not however go straight to the game but chose first to concentrate on football. This began when he was six years old. He ended being the football captain at Randolph high school where he was pursuing his studies.

shawn michaels

According to the current NAPW reviews, Shawn Michael is a legend and there is no talk about professional wrestling that can be held without the contribution of Shawn Michaels surfacing. This just show how big and how influential Shawn Michaels is. It was argued that the rock was the best talker when it came to the microphone but he may have failed in other areas. Shawn had all the skills which made him the best package where professional wrestling is concerned. Where the microphone was concerned Shawn was a powerful actor as well as being funny. Professional wrestling just like professional acting has to do with the actors’ knowledge and the actors’ innovative ways.

Shawn was known to adapt to every arena that the fights were taking place. He would adapt very quickly and give a breathtaking performance. For him wrestling was much more than fighting and winning award. The arena was his stage. He would grace it as an actor in the theatre and his main aim in every match was to give the best performance ever. This aspect won Michaels many admirers and that’s why many current wrestlers cite him as their inspiration.

Michaels won many accolades in his career both when he was alone and also as a team.  He was a four time world champion, a three time WWF now WWE champion and also a former world heavy weight champion. In addition to those he was also the winner of the 1995 and 1996 royal rumbles.

Michael like many wrestlers had different personas. May be the one that many people can remember is the name heartbreak kid. This name came with a new gimmick as Michael was put together with manager who used to carry a mirror for Michael everywhere they were going.

The success

From Michael’s story it is important to note that successes do not come that easily especially for the pro wrestlers. Hard work and discipline is what drives these sportsmen. With no NAPW complaints, Michael has stood the test time for many people to label him the greatest in professional wrestling. In fact after his retirement WWE gave him non fighting roles which meant that the company valued what Michaels had done for them. Indeed in 2010 the company appointed Michael as its ambassador which is one of the greatest gestures that showed how they appreciated him.